Psychiatry as a Pseudo Medical Cult

Psychiatry is a pseudo medical cult that is allowed to engage in government sanctioned conversions through nonconsensual psychiatry and psychiatric coercion. Help to outlaw psychiatric coercion. Read the book Psychiatric Slavery by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz perhaps. He wrote about 35 books. According to Szasz, psychiatric coercion is medicalized terrorism and civil commitment and the Insanity defense form the foundations of psychiatric slavery. I support the separation of psychiatry and state, just like I support the separation of church and state.

We Must

We must outlaw psychiatric coercion. We must defeat aging. We must implement universal basic income. We must see with spiritual vision. Read the book Ending Aging by de Grey. Read books by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz.

Psychiatric Disabilities

When people claim they themself have a psychiatric disability they are medicalizing their own misery, problems in living, lack of social skills, and so forth. When people do this and receive financial help from the government because of a psychiatric disability, then they are medicalizing their misery and receiving help because that (medicalization) is one the few ways the government will financially help people that are so miserable they feel they cannot function as an employee or business owner. People can be extremely miserable and that misery can be an obstacle to being a good employee or business owner. Do they actually have a medical disability? It’s not really medical because psychiatric disorders are not actually authentic medical disorders. Do they actually have a disability? That depends how disability is defined. I am all for helping people who are so miserable that they feel they can’t work as an employee or run a successful business. I even support universal basic income. The status quo is not good because medicalization of problems in living has unintended consequences. For example there is good reason to believe that psychiatric drugs may actually be increasing rates of psychiatric disability over the long term. The book Anatomy of an Epidemic explores this idea in great detail. People should be able to receive help to address misery, problems in living, and so forth without having to go through the dehumanizing experience of having all their personal problems and distress medicalized.


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Psychiatric Coercion

According to psychiatrist Thomas Szasz, psychiatric coercion is medicalized terrorism. Perhaps psychiatric coercion should be outlawed.

Defeating Aging

We must hasten the defeat of aging. Encourage people you know to read the book Ending Aging by Aubrey de Grey, and also donate money to SENS Research Foundation and Life Extension Advocacy Foundation.

Suicide Rates

Is there a burden on society to “protect” adults who are planning to end their own life on Earth? That burden is manufactured and morally deficient. That burden probably ultimately prevents us from actually reducing suicides, and probably worsens suicide rates since suicide prohibitions make it not possible for many individuals to talk about suicide openly and honestly with any potential helpers in private settings without knowing that they may be victim to psychiatric coercion if they speak openly and honestly. Read the book Suicide Prohibition: The Shame of Medicine by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz.

Suicides have increased. Are psychiatric drugs not working? Maybe the drugs are actually worsening the problem. The book Anatomy of an Epidemic by Robert Whitaker explains this idea in depth.

Outlaw Psychiatric Coercion

An adult who wants to engage in suicide only needs to be hospitalized if they want to be hospitalized. Nonconsensual psychiatry and psychiatric coercion should be illegal. Read the book Suicide Prohibition: The Shame of Medicine by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz. Only consensual psychiatry should be legal. Individuals who want to engage in suicide have reasons for wanting to engage in suicide. To purely medicalize suicide is dehumanizing. It will be good if we can reduce suicides to zero using persuasion, reason, and kindness. Psychiatric coercion has a chilling effect on free speech; it prevents adults from being able to have open and honest conversations about suicide in private settings without fear of potentially being effectively jailed in a hospital against their own will. People who want help should be offered help in solving problems in living contributing to emotional distress. Adults who do not want help should be able to exercise the right to be left alone.

How to Spot Sanist Bigots

Sanist bigots believe that psychiatric coercion should be legal. Sanist bigots think that psychiatric slavery (nonconsensual psychiatry) should remain legal.

Sanist bigots medicalize suicide and misery and ignore problems in living contributing to subjective personal distress.

Sanist bigots believe that mental illnesses are literally real and that they are brain diseases. Mental illness are metaphors for misery, problems in living, trauma, and conflict.

Call out sanist bigots if you feel comfortable doing so. Never break any laws when you do.

Psychiatric Ethics

Psychiatric coercion should be outlawed. Earning money from psychiatric coercion is psychiatric slavery. Psychiatric slavery should be outlawed.