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Birth Control and Death Control

Birth control is influencing when one creates life. Death control is influencing when one’s own life ends. As far as I know, it was psychiatrist Thomas Szasz who invented the two word term death control. According to psychiatrist Thomas Szasz suicide should be respected as a civil and human right for adults. Read the books Suicide Prohibition and Fatal Freedom. Both books are by Thomas Szasz. Suicide is effectively illegal since people can be effectively jailed in psychiatric units for attempting suicide or indicating that they will try to engage in it. Psychiatric slavery is what is happening when people earn money from psychiatric coercion, force, and confinement. Death control should be legal, just like birth control is legal. It will be good if we can reduce suicides to zero. We should only use persuasion, reason, and kindness to reduce suicides among adults. According to psychiatrist Thomas Szasz psychiatric coercion is medicalized terrorism. There is a movement of psychiatric survivors who feel they have been harmed by psychiatry. Of course, those that have successfully engaged in suicide are not here on Earth to voice an opinion that death control should be legal like birth control is legal. How much longer will psychiatric slavery remain legal? Help to outlaw psychiatric slavery. Help to legalize death control so that it is just as legal as birth control. Read books that psychiatrist Thomas Szasz wrote.

Rethinking Psychiatry?

Once psychiatry is fully rethought, one should recognize that psychiatric slavery should be outlawed. According to psychiatrist Thomas Szasz, civil commitment and the insanity defense form the foundation of psychiatric slavery. Thomas Szasz wrote a book entitled Psychiatric Slavery. Psychiatric slavery happens when individuals earn money from psychiatric coercion, force, and confinement. Suicide should be respected as a civil and human right for adults. Read the book Suicide Prohibition by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz.

Outlaw Psychiatric Slavery

Psychiatric slavery should be banned outlawed. Psychiatrist Thomas Szasz believed that civil commitment and the insanity defense form the foundation of psychiatric slavery. Civil commitment and the insanity defense should therefore be banned and made illegal. Psychiatric slavery is when people earn money from psychiatric coercion, force, and confinement. Suicide is effectively illegal since people can be effectively jailed for trying to engage in it, or indicating that they will engage in it. Suicide should be respected as a civil and human right for adults. We should use persuasion, reason, and kindness to reduce suicides. We should not use psychiatric coercion, force, and confinement to reduce suicides. It will be good if we can reduce suicides to zero. Death control should legal. Utilizing birth control is to affect when one creates life. Utilizing or not utilizing death control relates to how one ends one’s own life. Read the book Suicide Prohibition: The Shame of Medicine by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz. Read his book Psychiatric Slavery, which analyzes a Supreme Court case related to civil commitment.

Basic Income

I just called a Senator and requested that he attempt to implement a basic income at a Federal level. I informed him some about the issue in the voice message I left, and mentioned where he could learn more about basic income.

I left a voicemail. I was on Facebook for mobile. I liked a post by one of my senators and a link to call them was then presented below their post in the app. I clicked it and then my phone dialed the number so I could leave a voicemail. It was easy.

Please consider telling your elected Congress persons to implement a basic income. Call them. Email them. Tweet to them. Talk to them if possible.

Do Psychiatric Drugs Cause Violence?

Do psychiatric drugs cause violence? Psychiatric drugs don’t cause violence anymore than demon possession causes violence. Drugs might help to amplify negative emotions in some people. However, to utilize illegal violence is ultimately a decision that a human makes. They are not possessed by a drug. Suicide should be respected as a civil and human right for adults and only consensual psychiatry should be legal. Read books that psychiatrist Thomas Szasz wrote. Thomas Szasz believed that there are no causes of crimes; there are only reasons for crimes. Read his books Insanity, Suicide Prohibition, Psychiatric Slavery, Our Right to Drugs, and Psychiatry.

We Must Defeat Aging

Do what you can to help hasten the defeat of aging, please. Donate some extra money to SENS Research Foundation. SENS Research Foundation is one of the leading organizations dedicated to defeating aging. The movement to defeat aging must grow exponentially.

Read the book Ending Aging by Aubrey de Grey and Michael Rae. Learn about organization like Methuselah Foundation and Buck Institute for Research on Aging. Do whatever you can to help hasten the defeat of aging. Aging is our worst humanitarian crisis. Aging kills about 100,000 people each day. Nothing is more tragic than aging because of this. There are many ways that you can help people to realize that defeating aging is both feasible and desirable.

Tell people that you want to see aging defeated. Tell this to Senators and Representatives that represent you. Call them and leave them a voicemail. There numbers are most likely available on their official websites. Tell and call your governor and mayor perhaps. Be active on sub-Reddits related to defeating aging like and and so forth. Send Tweets spreading the message that you want to see aging defeated with support of a grassroots movement.

Learn about strategies for engineered negligible senescence (SENS). The book Ending Aging: The Rejuvenation Breakthroughs that Could Reverse Human Aging in Our Lifetime by Aubrey de Grey and Michael Rae describes SENS in depth. You will hopefully not dismiss SENS as unrealistic until you learn more about it. Luckily, there is a great deal of information available about how SENS might work, so if you take the time to examine theories about and technological/scientific potentialities, you will realize SENS and strategies like it may be both quite feasible and desirable.

There are many ways to help hasten the defeat of aging. Please be creative! For everyday that the defeat of aging is hastened, we will potentially save about 100,000 lives. Give the book Ending Aging to someone as a gift. Ending Aging is available as a paperback book, an electronic book, and also an audiobook. Ending Aging is available at least on Amazon, and your local bookstore or library might have a copy too. Do what you can to help hasten the defeat of aging please. We must defeat aging!

Benefit Corporations and Social Entrepreneurship

So you are interested in engaging in social entrepreneurship? That is just great. Social entrepreneurship is when a business is used as a means of helping to solve social problems, environmental problems, or sometimes other types of problems. If you are a social entrepreneur or aspiring business owner, starting a benefit corporation (B corp), or turning your existing business into one, may be right for you.

To start a benefit corporation, you first need to start a business or have a pre-existing one; then you pay to have your company certified as a benefit corporation. In order for your company to be certified as a B corp, it first needs to meet certain criteria. This is the process for a B Corp in Oregon, each state may be a little different. Some states do not even allow for the official creation of B corps at all at the present time.

Benefit corporations are a relatively new type of corporate structure. The legal infrastructure for them is still being developed and created. Not all states allow for their official creation. However, if you are running a private business, you can potentially operate as a social entrepreneurial venture anyway.

If you are attempting to bootstrap a business (start a business with as little money as possible), becoming a certified B corp may not be financially realistic until significant profits are being generated or additional funding can be acquired. There are many types of problems which can use a solution, and there are many ways to engage in social entrepreneurship. Problems that social entrepreneurship can address can include topics like poverty, lack of clean water, social justice, lacking sufficient clothing or shoes, environmental problems and more.

For example, a benefit corporation can be a grocery store that focuses on providing sustainable and environmentally friendly products at reasonable prices while treating both customers and employees fairly and ethically. New Seasons, a chain of groceries stores, is an example of this business model. At New Seasons, they claim to be the first grocery business on Earth to be certified as a benefit corporation.

There are many problems on Earth that can benefit from potential solution. Benefit corporations and social entrepreneurship are aspects of businesses that can incentivize and motivate individuals to work towards solving various sorts of social and environmental problems while also earning a potentially significant profit for investors and other financial stakeholders.

Benefit corporations have a tremendous potential to do a lot of good in the world. Hopefully a greater percentage of businesses will operate in ways related to social entrepreneurship. Hopefully all states and nations will adopt the legal framework of benefit corporations in the future.

Tiny Homes May Increase Societal Prosperity

Tiny homes may help to reduce poverty significantly. It is quite possible to live in a significantly small space. If one has everything that one needs and not more than one does by definition have enough. There are many reasons to learn more about small homes and tiny houses.

Tiny homes may help to eliminate poverty from Earth. Tiny homes can allow for privacy evening when dealing with a more modest budget. Hopefully more home builders and contractors will build and sell tiny homes. Hopefully awareness about tiny homes will increase significantly.

Small homes can potentially have a garage, bathroom, washer and dryer, stove, air conditioning and other amenities expected in a comfortable and cozy home. Tiny homes can be one story, two stories, three stories or have a basement. They can come in all different shapes and sizes. Hopefully tiny homes will increase in commercial availability. Hopefully all adults on Earth can eventually own homes somewhere.

Tiny homes may help to eliminate homelessness. More entrepreneurs and home builders should look into tiny homes as a sort of potential social entrepreneurial venture. Hopefully this will happen soon. Spreading the word about the potential advantages of tiny homes is how many individuals can help raise awareness about this potential mechanism that may help to reduce poverty and homelessness.

Many individuals do not need or want a huge house. There is nothing wrong with this. If someone wants to have a huge house and they can afford it, then great, more power to them. There may be a shortage of smaller houses for individuals who do not need nor want a huge large house. Hopefully more individuals will realize the potential advantages that tiny homes can offer.

It is tragic that more has not already been done to reduce poverty and homelessness. Hopefully more sustainable and green home builders will focus on building small homes and tiny houses that more individuals can own homes and live on their own land. Tiny homes may indeed help to increase societal prosperity and to reduce homelessness and poverty.

The Value of Writing Nonfiction

There can be a great deal of value in nonfiction writing. Fiction can be enjoyable to read and writing. Nonfiction, especially creative nonfiction can be enjoyable to read and write as well. Both fiction and nonfiction can be used as a medium to communicate important, useful, interesting and/or entertaining messages.

Nonfiction writing can be important and significant to both the author and the reader. The author can financially benefit. The author can achieve satisfaction of putting thoughts and ideas into written form. The author can derive satisfaction from communication a valuable message to an audience.

Readers can benefit in many ways from nonfiction writing. It can be enjoyable to read and it can also be a way to learn about new ideas. There is truly an infinite number of fictional and nonfictional ideas that can be communicated through writing.

Nonfiction can be used in destructive ways. If a book or article promotes violence or anything that is authentically antithetical to authentic peace, then the writing can potentially promote destruction and chaos. Ultimately though, no book should be banned.

Helping to create more authentic peace and prosperity on Earth is perhaps the highest potential goal of writing. Writing can help to manifest and create more authentic peace and prosperity on Earth for readers, authors and even those who are not directly exposed to an authentically valuable nonfiction work of writing.

Not everyone on Earth needs to be producing written works. However, all humans might benefit if more humans will attempt to produce authentically valuable fiction and nonfiction works of writing. Some written works become famous and are valued and found to be useful hundreds, if not thousands, of years after they are produced. How is that for a type of achievable life after death on Earth?

Writing is a human invention. It helps to differentiate us from other animals on Earth. Writing has helped to maintain knowledge that can be further developed, researched, discovered and refined in future times. Nonfiction writing can truly be a priceless tool for improving the life situations for all humans on Earth.

Becoming a Successful Author Can Be Quite Worthwhile

If you are planning on being a financially successful writer, then you must write and publish prolifically. That is rarely not true. There is an infinite number of topics to potentially write about.

You can write fiction or non fiction. It does not matter when you write. However, it is best to write things that are meaningful, useful, helpful, interesting and/or entertaining.

Writing between 1,000 and 6,000 words per day is a good way to create a sufficient amount of written content to be considered a prolific writer. It is important to write about topics that matter and that are important. Writing can be a way to create a positive impact on Earth and humanity.

Writing can potentially be a social entrepreneurial venture. Social entrepreneurship is when one does business in a way to earn money and profit while also create net a sustainable social good for humanity. Just start writing if you want to be a successful author and writer. Self publishing can be one route to go.

Building a platform takes time. Investing the time, energy and resources that it can take to become a successful author can be quite worthwhile. Hopefully more individuals can become financially successful authors.

There is a great deal of poverty on Earth. Perhaps some percentage of the millions in poverty can become successful self published authors. The Internet can be a means of earning money from self publishing and it can be a potent creator of abundance and prosperity.

It is amazing that humans have evolved to be able to figure out how to read and write at all! Voice dictation software exists for those who are not huge fans of typing and would rather create written content in other ways. There are many complete books on how to be a successful writer and author.

Becoming a successful author can require dedication, patience, persistence and creativity. Taking the time and exerting the effort required to become a successful author that helps others through writing can be quite worthwhile and it will be good of more humans on this Earth will do so.