Author: Michael Ten

Disempowering Unethical Psychiatrists

Demolish power of psychiatrists by changing laws so that only consensual psychiatry is legal.

Demolish power of psychiatrists by outlawing psychiatric force, coercion, and confinement.

Demolish power of psychiatrists by changing laws so that suicide is respected as a civil and human right for all adults when it is done in private. Along with this, I will note that it will be good if we can reduce suicides to zero using only persuasion, reason, and kindness.

Profit Sharing on Social Media

I have a site/app idea.

Imagine an alternative that can replace Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Quora, Twitter, and Reddit.

You can pay a small fee each month to not see ads.

Since all monetized content is created by members/users, then 70% to 90% of net profits from advertising are rewarded back to users/members.

My idea is sort of like Steemit, but more.

Imagine a Netflix of social media.

Feel free to implement this idea. I’ll consider being part of your team if you ask.

If you implement this idea, I’ll probably use the site/app.

In my opinion, it is unethical to modernize user generated content and to keep all the profits. Perhaps minimum royalty laws should exist.

Psychiatric Slavery

Psychiatric slavery happens when people earn money from nonconsensual psychiatry and psychiatric coercion. Psychiatric slavery is legal. Read the book Psychiatric Slavery by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz. Psychiatric slavery needs to be outlawed.


I think psychiatric drugs are correlated with violence less because of the actual biological mechanisms of the drugs, but more because of the explicit and implicit messages that biological psychiatry communicates about personal responsibility and free will. This is just a theory of course.

Psychiatric Drugs and Violence

It is indeed important to examine the correlation between psychiatric drugs and violence.

Psychiatric drugs don’t cause violence. To state that psychiatric drugs make someone be violent is like believing in demon possession.

According to psychiatrist Thomas Szasz, there are no causes of crimes, there are only reasons for crimes.

People can have reasons for not engaging in crimes/violence. People can have reasons for engaging in crimes/violence.

The biological psychiatry paradigm communicates explicit and implicit messages to reciever of psychiatric services. Perhaps these implicit and explicit messages increase reasons for people wanting to engage in illegal violence, and/or decrease reasons for not being willing to engage in illegal violence.

There appears to definitely be a correlation between psychiatric drugs and violence.

Implicit messages of biological psychiatry can include ideas like lack of responsibility. You are not responsible for regulating you’re emotions, drugs are. We can exert a decent amount of control over our emotions by changing our thinking and behaviors.

Psychiatric lies, psychiatric dogma, and psychiatric propaganda are damaging our society. The damage will continue until enough people realize Truth about psychiatry, and are able to view clearly and understand the problem fully.

Only consensual psychiatry should be legal. The insanity defense should be outlawed. Check out books by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz if you want to learn more.

Antipsychiatry Hashtags and a Me Three Movement?

Social media can be a powerful medium. Through using social media we can help to raise awareness of the wrongness and immorality of psychiatric coercion and nonconsensual psychiatry. Here are some suggested hashtags. These can be used on Twitter and various other locations on Internet.

#MeThree (more on this one below)

Feel free to reclaim neutral hashtags.

The hashtag #MeToo has been used by many women in relation to sexual abuse. What if we use #MeThree for those damaged, harmed, and abused by psychiatry (both semi-consensual and nonconsensual)? We can build awareness of the immorality of nonconsensual psychiatry

These are just suggestions. Feel free to list or use your own. Be creative. Together we can eventually bring about the abolition of nonconsensual psychiatry, psychiatric abuse, and psychiatric slavery.


Psychiatric Slavery

Psychiatry inflicts harm in subtle and also not so subtle ways. Psychiatric abuse needs to be outlawed. Psychiatric slavery needs to be outlawed. Psychiatric coercion needs to be outlawed. The insanity defense needs to be banned and outlawed. Suicide needs to be respected as a civil and human right for all adults when it is done in private. Read the books Suicide Prohibition and Psychiatric Slavery by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz.